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Warbirds over JSC 2016

by Benny Behrens   April 27, 2016

On Saturday April 23, 2016 I had the privilege to visit Johnson Space Center RC Club’s (JSCRCC) Warbird Fly-In. JSCRCC has held off holding events at their field at Johnson Space Center due to increased security restrictions after 9/11. Last year they decided to hold a Warbird event but with the requirement that all pilots and visitors had to preregister to allow security to clear them through the gate prior to the event. Last year their event went well and this year they had a really great and well attended event.

By observation their security folks did a great job in hassle free handling of the security checks and it did not appear to be any real burden or restriction on attendance. The security folks were very helpful and courteous at the entrance gate. JSCRCC had 37 pilots registered and many visitors/spectators. Weather for the event was great but due to the continuous rains several days prior to the event volunteers spent two days pumping water from the area to get the field ready for event day - it turned out perfect. As with all events volunteers are critical and JSCRCC’s crew did a great job.

There were many, many different type military aircraft from small electrics to large scale B-17’s and B-24. Entries included Butch McEachern’s beautifully build Boeing P-26 Peashooter. This year was highlighted by being Boeing’s Centennial and special awards were given for best Boeing Bomber and best Boeing warbird. Pilots came from as far away as Fort Worth and Austin.

Thanks to all of the pilots and club volunteers that made this a very successful and enjoyable event…I am sure everyone enjoyed themselves….I know I did…Thanks Benny Behrens, AVP Houston Area.

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 Flag Raising Some of the Volunteers that made it happen 


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