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Forming a Chapter of Chartered Clubs

by Benny Behrens   December 26, 2015

On December 12, 2015 I invited representatives from 10 local AMA Chartered clubs in the Houston, TX area (South of I10) to a meeting to explore the possibility and potential benefits of forming a local Chapter. At this initial meeting we had 5 clubs represented with two additional clubs having to back out at the last minute due to conflicts (in hind sight December 12 was probably not the best date for our meeting due to the Holidays).

I believe the meeting turned out to be very positive with those present interested in the potential benefits. It was decided to meet on a regular basis and hopefully we will be able to build on the interest and momentum we have started. Below for information is a copy of the minutes to our initial meeting:

Meeting Minutes:

Meeting Date: Saturday December 12, 2015
Meeting Location: Alvin RC Clubhouse
Meeting Time: 10 AM

• Cesar Flores – President SHARKS (Tom Bass) -
• Rob Longenecker – President Fort Bend RC -
• Erik Valdez – Vice President Brazoria RC -
• Mike Vawters – Vice President Alvin RC -
• Ken White – Leader Member/CD – Representing JSCRC -
• Benny Behrens – AMA District VIII AVP –

Additional Invitees that could not attend:
• Mike Samano – President Texas City RC -
• John Kling – President Gulf Coast RC -
• Mike Laible – President JSCRC -
• Keith Dick – President Bayou City RC -
• Jack Graham - Texas Cloudbusters -
• Glenn Keeling - Bay Port Aero Club - GEKEELING48@YAHOO.COM

Purpose of Meeting:
Discuss possible interest and potential benefits in forming a local chapter of AMA Chartered Clubs.

Summary of Meeting:
• Benny discussed his role as local area AVP and possible ways he might be able to assist and support clubs through AMA interface, communications, posting articles of interest to members and clubs along with event flyers on District VIII’s website (, information distribution, etc.
• As a group we discussed the various potential benefits to forming a local chapter.
o Improved communications between clubs, AMA and the local community
o Consolidated representation
o Sharing of experiences and activities, ideas, issues, etc. that worked or doesn’t work.
o Sharing of common problems and solutions
o Sharing access to potential resources in areas such as printing and guest speakers.
o Ways to increase membership, meeting and event attendance
o Possibility of allowing members of chapter clubs to fly at other chapter club’s fields with payment of nominal landing fees. To be discussed further.
• It was suggested that we try doing a quarterly newsletter.
• Based on our discussions it was decided that we would meet quarterly.
• Next meeting members will review information and decide on filing the chapter formally with AMA or keeping it loose for now.
• At or prior to our next meeting members can submit items and articles to be included in the newsletter and or used as agenda items.
Next Meeting:
• February 6, 2016
• Location: Alvin RC Club House
• Time: 10 AM – Breakfast will be available 7 – 9:30 AM
• Agenda items to be sent to Benny


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