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Boysville Show and Tell September 5, 2015

by Ed Valls   November 13, 2015

Hello everyone. I am a little late in getting some of the posts for events I have attended and for this I apologize. Seems like sometimes life's events get in the way.

Anyway, during the Tri City Flyers (TCF) National Model Aviation Day event, the club decided to donate the proceeds from the event (approximately $1300) to the Boysville facility. If you are not familiar with Boysville, please visit : . As part of the TCF's new association with Boysville some of the club members offered to do a show and tell for any interested residents of the facility.

On September 5, 2014 Jim Rice, Jack Matlock, Gary Rice, Hannah Rice (Gary's daughter and Jim grand daughter), Walter Boone II, Walter Boone III and I visited the facility and performed a show and tell and some of the club members did some flying demonstrations. The event was held in the facility gymnasium and we had about 20 young boys and girls. Jim spoke about the AMA and many of its programs aimed at getting young people involved in model aviation and in STEM programs. Jack Matlock spent some time talking about his large gasoline engine powered Valiant. Gary Rice spent some time talking about his scratch built model and a little time about model design and aerodynamics. Walter Boone III (one of our Junior members) spent some time talking about his association with the AMA, modeling and Camp AMA. He also told the youngsters how model aviation has made a difference in his life. I spent a few minutes talking about the turbine powered F-15 that I brought.

After these introductions to modeling, Jim, Jack, Gary, Walter III and I did some indoor flying. Jim and Walter spent quite a lot of time doing some 3D flying while Jack and I flew our HobbyZone foam Champ's in a VERY loose formation.

The program director for Boysville thought that the program was well received and the TCF members plan on continuing a model aviation program with the Boysville youngsters. The current plan is for the club to host a program where the interested youngsters build some "foam plate" gliders and then progress to more complicated models (some stick and tissue models). On behalf of the AMA I would like to thank the members of the TCF that helped with this event and I would especially like to thank Jim Rice for taking the lead on this program. I believe that this program has the potential to grow and get some youngsters interested in model aviation.


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 TCF Members Participating in the Program Walter Boone III doing some 3D flying for the group 


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