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Texas Warbirds

by Mark Johnston   October 3, 2015

On September 26th I also attended the Texas Warbirds event being held at the north Dallas RC Club. Ed Kettler was the CD of the event and had 50 pilots come out to support the event. The public and club were out in force to help and watch the event. Great weather for the event and in talking with pilots everyone had a great time.

I want to go back next year and take planes to fly. It looked like a blast!

Awards that were given are as follows.

World War I:
1. Dale O’Daniel, Fokker DR-1
2. Scott Grissman, Fokker D-VII
3. Jon Parker, Fokker Eindecker

World War II:
1. Steve Forrest, B-24
2. Steve Forrest, P-51B “Old Crow”
3. Lyle Vasser, B-25

Best Bomber: Randy Larsen, B-17

Best Postwar: Bob Mueller, PBM Mariner

Best Jet: Tom Blakeney, Sea Vixen

Best in Show: James Poole, La-7

Smokin’ Hole: Bob Hubbard, SB2C Helldiver

  picture  picture 
 All of the pilots took time for me to get a photo. Lad Doctor flew with lots of help from club members who helped design his setup 


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