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Thinking Safe

by Tony Breyen   September 10, 2015

Safety......seriously that's what we're talking about today. But why not, it's not just for a Monday morning tailgate meeting at our job. Remember our hobby requires a lot of paying attention from sticking a hand in a prop or stabbing ourselves with a screwdriver. How many times have you cut yourself installing covering or burned yourself soldering connections? My name is Tony Breyen I am the AVP in Wichita Falls and what I'd like to do is challenge the other AVP's to pick a subject about safety and then write about it. If we each did one a year we have something every month. Pick the month of your birthday of course that means we'll probably have 6 in October. (Which would include me)
OK I'll go first let me pick a subject oh I know you pick up your cell phone and you dial a number . A person on the other says 911 what is your emergency?
My friend he just got hit with an RC airplane and he's bleeding I need an ambulance.
Operator on other end says sir you're on a cell phone what is your location.
You : I'm at the RC flying field
Operator : yes sir I understand ...just exactly where is that.
Now you try to give directions, rattled trying to help your friend did you get them right how much time have you wasted?
I would suggest each club appoint someone to contact the local 911 service in your area and let them know the name of your field and the location and then get the word out. Those precious moments could make the difference or even if you're just by yourself you can call 911 I'm having chest pain I'm at the RC field if 911 knows where that is it could make a real difference.


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