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by Benny Behrens   August 30, 2015

Texas City RC Club (TCRCC) had their annual Big Bird event scheduled for June 20, 2015 – as with many events in the Houston area it got rained out. TCRCC rescheduled the event for August 22nd, safe bet in the middle of a drought and with temperatures in the 100’s but who would have thought during the week before the event heavy drought breaking rains hit again and the event was rescheduled for August 29th. Then the Monday before the event the field got another 4 inches of rain and a big question mark loomed over the CD Mike Samano and the club members – would the field dry enough to support the event. Well as it turned out the third time was a charm. They could not have asked for better weather – dryer air settled in and dried the field and morning of the event temperatures in the low 70’s, full sun shine and mild winds – after three tries they had picked a winner-the perfect day!!!!!!

Turns out TCRCC had a great event with 37 registered pilots, large spectator turn out and a lot of good safe flying. No one could have asked for a better turnout or overall event. Many types of very nice airplanes were on hand and flown to the spectator’s pleasure and enjoyment of the pilots. Some of the pilots had a great time with mock dog fights (Corsair vs Zero or Zero vs Corsair) but everybody won cause they all went home in one piece.

TCRCC’s members did a great job putting this event together and I believe fun was had by all.

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 Some of the entries Randy Larsen (Zero Pilot thinks he won the dogfight) 


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