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Last Flight for John Reed L-80

by Mark Johnston   July 8, 2015

Overtaken by cancer John Reed passed away very quickly on 4/16/2015. Way too quick for most of us. John was a mentor to so many in the hobby, particularly the North Dallas RC Cub (NDRCC), so we are compelled to mention that first. However, our strongest memories of John are led by his dominating personality and his humor; humor, which was noted by his pastor friend (and the rest of us), to sometimes be irreverent. He was loved by all.

John was a telecommunications engineer who traveled the length and breadth of North America installing and correcting problems with our nation’s 1st generation Cross-country Microwave Systems. That knowledge and adventurous spirit carried into our RC Hobby when he experimented with onboard video cameras (duct taped on), wacky multi-engine concoctions, gyrocopters and even ornithopters. He was always looking for something new, different or unusual.

John was a born leader. He was President of NDRCC several times, and at one time or another held every club office including treasure, field maintenance, membership, and John was at the forefront of our Boy Scout and youth programs. While once shuttling between two students flying at the same time he wasn’t quite fast enough; one plane flew over the horizon to the North and the other to the South. We all gave him a hard time but that never deterred him.

When you needed to trim a new airplane John was the one to turn to for its maiden flight. When urbanization forced NDRCC further north, “Eagle Field” that we are now so proud of, would not exist without John’s untold hours dedicated to the project. He made sure everything was done right and is credited with naming the field after an injured Eagle was found at the site during the construction phase.

He will forever be missed but his legacy lives on.



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