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Alvin RC - 26th Big Bird Fly In

by Benny Behrens   July 20, 2016

On Saturday July 16, 2016 the Alvin Radio Control Model Airplane Association (ARCMAA) held its 26th annual Big Bird Fly In and 12th annual Swap Meet. This event was rescheduled from March due to a rain out. This time the weather was typical Texas mid-July – no rain but a little “warm”. The event was well attended with about 26 pilots registered along with many local RC visitors from local clubs and spectators.

The event was opened with the playing of our National Anthem while the flag was very nicely displayed from Paul Curry’s Cub – very nice way to display our flag. I believe the entire event was very well done and run very smoothly and safely.

Airplane entries were a complete cross section of airplanes in our hobby from large scale cubs to large warbirds and everything in between.

At the noon time break CD Fred Daniels held a special ceremony re-naming Alvin’s flying field to “Vance Field”. This was done to honor Phil Vance who was a founding member of Alvin RC, which was chartered by the AMA in 1974. Phil began building and flying RC planes in the early 70’s and was a continuous active key member, trustee & officer of the club until his passing in May of this year. Phil was also instrumental in the purchasing of the land in the 80’s on which the club’s field is located today. Phil’s wife and several family members were present for the ceremony.

Thanks to all of the pilots, CD Fred Daniels and all of the club volunteers that made this a great event and ceremony…Benny Behrens, District VIII AVP

  picture  picture 
 Paul Curry of Space City displaying flag during playing of National Anthem Family members of Phil Vance attending the ceremony naming the field Vance Field 


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