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Phillip Vance, Sr., May 10, 1928 - May 7, 2016

by Benny Behrens   May 17, 2016

On May 7, 2016 Phillip Vance, Sr. passed away. Phil was a founding member and Icon of the Alvin RC Modelers Association (Alvin RC) in Alvin, Texas and an avid RC modeler since the early 70’s. The following Remembrance was provided by Grady Owens, Treasurer of the Alvin RC Club
Alvin RC Club Remembers Phillip Vance, SR.
May 10, 1928 – May 7, 2016
I met Phil Vance in 2002 when I joined Alvin RC Modelers Association, more popularly known as Alvin RC Club. He was the club treasurer at the time. He signed my first membership card, took my dues, of course, and gave me a new member briefing. I quickly learned that Phil was the embodiment of the history and spirit of the Alvin RC Club, and reflecting on this man’s involvement and personal effort in club activities over many years, I must conclude that Phillip Vance was the Alvin RC Club.
Since the founding of the Club in 1975, it would be difficult to examine any activity that did not involve him. Over the years he has been President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Trustee. He has filled the Trustee role since 1983 and only recently gave it up because of poor health and advanced age.
He wrote a history of Alvin RC Club and put together a legacy file for us so that we can carry on in his absence. It can be said without hyperbole that this man made our club his life’s mission. It can also be said that he carried on that mission with great care, diligence, and integrity. He loved our hobby, he loved the fellowship of modelers, and he remained steadfast to Alvin RC Club - his club - to the end.
One last action is worth mentioning. Phil wrote his own position description for club trustee. An excerpt from that description says, “The role of the trustee is a call to leadership, leadership through cooperation between all club members, (and) leadership through group action.”
Phil Vance “did good.” We will miss him.
Rest in peace, Phil. I can see you flying a model airplane through heaven’s sky.
Grady Owens
Treasurer, Alvin RC Club

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 Phil at the Alvin RC flying field Phil on his "Stick and Rudder" Transmitter holder 


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