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Richardson Radio Control Club Gary Harvey Charity Fun Fly

by Ed Kranz   October 27, 2015

The weather turned out to not be a friend this past weekend as the RRCC held its 12th Annual Gary Harvey Memorial Charity Fun Fly. Saturday was canceled due to weather and Sunday was marginal at best. With this being said, an adjusted format allowed the small crowd of spectators and members to raise over $2000.00 for the Veterans Center of North Texas, Allen Community Outreach and the Branch Volunteer Fire Department. Many thanks to those present for their GENEROSITY and to Robert Ferguson for his efforts in raising these funds under the circumstances he was dealt.
There was plenty of fun to had for spectators as the club trainer was present and 15 or so people got to experience RC Flight for the first time. Curt Jones was in charge of ground school and Brad Mennenga manned the trainer and, as you can see from the pictures, gave several people an enjoyable experience they will remember for a long time. Thanks to Allen Delger for his devoted efforts to MAKE this event happen even though circumstances warranted otherwise.
Again many thanks to the members of the RRCC for first obtaining the many donations and for their generous contributions that raised the $2000.00 for these very deserving charities.

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 Small but DEDICATED Group for opening Ceremonies Brad and First time Flyers 


Richardson Radio Control Big Bird

by Ed Kranz   October 4, 2015

What an awesome day for a flying event. Thanks to all the Richardson Radio Control Volunteers for hosting an EPIC EVENT. Noon demos started with CD Phil Cartwright flying his 50% Pitts Python with a 250cc 5 cylinder radial (GROWLLLLLLL), This was followed by a rarely seen airplane and helicopter being flown at the same time to music. Thanks to superior flying skills Alex Dean was able to dodge the airplane while at the same time putting on a dramatic show of heli flying skills. Then came the show stopper. Patrick Mason flew his 42% Extreme Flight Extra. Personally I am impressed with the way Patrick flies when he can see his plane, but when it disappears in a cloud of smoke, how do you know what to do when you can't even see it. Truly AMAZING. Everyone had a great time and finished the day with a great raffle. If you want to fly at a great field with truly great people who love the sport, be sure and watch for the next event at the Richardson Radio Control Club.

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 Pilots Picture Photo OP for fans 


Allen Rotary Program

by Ed Kranz   September 24, 2015

My new District VIII AVP name tag and shirt showed up just minutes before I left to do the Program for the Allen Rotary Club on Wednesday September 23rd.
I had asked Alex Dean, a very accomplished 3D helicopter pilot, from the Richardson Radio Control Club to accompany me to the event.
We were served a wonderful lunch of chicken, salmon and potatoes. The salmon was absolutely amazing.
Enough about the food.
Alex talked about helis, showed a video of Kyle Dahl a world class heli pilot sponsored by Mikado. The crowd was amazed at what a heli could do when flown by an accomplished 3D pilot.
There was a considerable amount of attention and questions asked about Drones and I pointed out that thru no fault of their own most new drone pilots are never directed to any information concerning FCC or AMA rules concerning the flying of these air craft. Thus many people because of the ease of operation from technology often operated these craft due to not being properly informed causing problems.
I referred everyone to the AMA Web page and the Know Before You Fly Info.
I brought 7 different types of planes including a Calypso Sail Plane, two small foamies (one being a night flyer), a shark speed plane (175+mph), an 80 inch electric B-25, an Extreme Flight 91 inch gas 300 Extra, and a newly built 88 inch Pilot 330SC that had been modified to be electric with complete internal lighting in a very special Texas Tech Theme that I dedicated to my son who is a Police Detective and SWAT officer and a 1996 Texas Tech Graduate. I automatically had several in the crowd who liked me from the moment they saw this plane (also Tech Grads)
We shared a lot of information including the upcoming events in the area. War Birds over Texas at the North Dallas RC Club September 25th and 26th, Richardson Radio Control Club Big Bird October 4th, RRCC Celina Balloon Fest October 16th and 17th, RRCC Gary Harvey Memorial Charity Fun Fly October 24th and 25th, and the Wings Over Windsong co-sponsored by the North Dallas Radio Control Club, Richardson Radio Control Club, and Rowlett Radio Control Club on November 7th at Windsong Ranch.
From feedback of the members after the meeting Alex and I definitely hit a home run. We had fun and as Alex said, “I think they know the PASSION we both have for this hobby!”
I look forward to more of these great times meeting people who share a love for planes and being able to represent AMA, and the Richardson Radio Control Club.


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