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Red Stick Scale Event/Cajun Helifest

by Jerry Walters   March 26, 2017

I traveled over to the west side of Baton Rouge on Saturday to Erwinville, La. for the Red Stick Classic Scale Competition. Unfortunately the drive was in the pouring down rain with the hopes of a bright spot over Baton rouge RC's club site. It didn't happen that way unfortunately. The rain prevented an early start for the event but the food and conversation was fine as usual. They finally got one round off in the late afternoon and had a weather hold due to fog again on Sunday. I haven't seen the final tally yet.

The Cajun Helifest at RAMS in Crowley had a great turn out and only had a couple of short rain delays on Saturday morning. Those guys will fly under almost any conditions.



Aeromodelers Of Acadiana Fall Fun Fly Huge Success (Nov. 5)

by Jerry Walters   November 12, 2016

After having to cancel their May Fun Fly the AOA team finally had dry weather and pulled off a huge event. After going from flooding to draught flyers from far and near were hungry for a great event and they got one. With 48 registered pilots, a great raffle, night flying, camping, and the Star Taco food truck everyone had a smile. Fixed wing and helicopters shared the airspace with only a few mishaps. AOA and their friends are looking forward to the first Weekend in November 2017 for a repeat performance.

On November 12 the WARPS Club in Berwick, LA. will open its' gates for another great event.



Red Stick Classic Scale Contest

by Jerry Walters   May 2, 2016

April 8, 9, 10
Baton Rouge R/C Club
Erwinville, LA, just West of Red Stick (Baton Rouge)
Beautiful, but sometimes windy weather made the event great and sometimes challenging. The scale work was awesome and even included a true turboprop built and flown by Derrick Martin of the Aeromodelers of Acadiana Club. I even got to meet our esteemed District VIII leader, Lawrence Harville, at the event.

 Derrick Martin with his turboprop 

District News


by Jerry Walters   November 27, 2015

Acadian Radio Control Club (ARCC), formerly in Maurice, LA. and Aerodrome of Acadiana (AOA)have merged. The new club, known as Aeromodelers of Acadiana (AOA) will continue to fly at the Breaux Bridge flying site. The original ARCC AMA charter will be maintained by the merged club, AMA #321.

Merging the two clubs facilitated the formation of a much larger, better financially positioned club at a beautiful flying site with no airspace limitations.

The clubs capital investment strategy is being formulated and plans for new construction and improvements are in process.



Cajun Nationals 2015 - Pattern Contest

by Jerry Walters   October 23, 2015

The RAMS club in Crowley, La. held the 2015 Cajun Nationals Pattern Contest on October 17-19. The last time I saw the roster they had 46 competitors registered. The weather was great except for a sometimes challenging direct cross wind. As usual, the competition was serious and the hospitality was great with nightly parties for the pilots. A little Cajun music on Saturday night topped it off.

Contest results:
Sportsman: 1. David Hayes 2975 pts.
2. Jonathan Falgout 2965 pts.
3. Bryon Myers 2935 pts.

Intermediate: 1. William Higdon 2951 pts.
2. Robert Campbell 2950 pts.
3. Sheldon Reyher 2862 pts.

Advanced: 1. Clifton Bradford 2992 pts.
2. Glen Shepherd 2943 pts.
3. Keith Hoard 2842 pts.

Masters: 1. Stephen Byrd 2984 pts.
2. Donald Ramsey 2979 pts.
3. John Fuqua 2978 pts.

F3A; 1. AC Glenn 2983 pts.
2. Brett Wickizer 2980 pts.
3. Chip Hyde 2974 pts.

Very close competition in every category!

  picture  picture 
 Along the flight line Relaxing between rouds 



by Jerry Walters   October 6, 2015

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of attending the LARKS Warbird event in Sulphur, LA. The weather was beautiful and 22 registered pilots flew some beautiful warbirds. The LARKS field is beautiful with a 600' paved runway and a 7200 sq.ft. pavilion with work benches and picnic tables. The CD Lynn Hinch rounded up some delicious burgers, boudin, etc. The hospitality was great.

I also had the pleasure of presenting AMA Appreciation Awards to Danny Oliver and Lynn Hinch.

  picture  picture 
 Danny Oliver and Lynn Hinch Receive AMA Appreciation Certificates Along the flight line 


WARPS Mid-Summer Event

by Jerry Walters   August 25, 2015

After months of rain, heat, drought, wind, and general adverse conditions the WARPS Club in Berwick, LA. decided to have a just for fun, we need to fly, no fee, no food, lit BBQ pit, and jambalaya fun fly last Saturday. About 25 pilots showed up and had a great time. Heli's, turbines, 3-D giants, and little electrics tore it up. There were even a couple of trainers buzzing around. The Berwick Club is a great bunch of guys welcoming pilots from 100+ miles away. I am looking forward to late summer and fall events as the event schedule fills up.

 WARPS Mid-Summer Event 

District News

Almost too hot for flying

by Jerry Walters   July 27, 2015

This heat in South Louisiana is killing the flying for all but our most avid pilots. We've been running between 95-100 for two weeks now with no rain or breezes to create some relief. Last weekend at Aerodrome of Acadiana in Breaux Bridge the President of Acadian RC, a neighboring club, showed up with a surprise to help (see picture). Unfortunately, Louisiana has no sanctioned events scheduled in July or August.


Vice President

Lawrence Harville


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